Central lubrication

Centralized manual lubrication



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Single line resistance lubrication systems for oil max 220 cst with metering units


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Less complicated, cheaper and easier to install than any other systems. The single line

Resistance system facilitates the supply of small doses of oil by mean of Metering units.

It operates on the principle of resistance lubrication, low pressure (3 - 13 bar depending on the pump) and is therefore particularly suitable for small circuits. Both electric and manual pumps are available to ensure a discharge up to 200 cc/minute via range of metering units.

Oil dosage is proportional to the pump pressure and oil viscosity.


Single line centralized lubrication system with volumetric metering valves for oil and soft grease. 




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The volumetric system operates with metering valves (volumetric). A precise, predetermined volume of oil or soft grease is dispensed to each point unaffected by temperature or viscosity of the lubricant.

Both electric and pneumatic pumps are available to ensure a discharge up to 500 cc/minute via a range of injectors extending from 15 mm³ to 1000 mm³ per cycle.


Central lubrication systems with progressive dividers for oil, soft grease and grease




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The progressive lubrications systems allow oil or grease (up to NLGI 2) distribution to lubricate the friction points of the machines. The progressive divider has 3-24 outlets and ensure accurate dosage from 0.1 to 1.0 cc per stroke, per outlet.

 The system is easy to control and can be monitored by an electrical swith on the main divider.